This Information was posted by Bilal Muhammad on 7/6/2012

Rajab, the 7th month of Islamic year, marks the beginning of trilogy of spiritually most blessed and important months of Islam. Rajab is followed by Shaban and then ends with Ramadan. The season of blessings, forgiveness and seeking Allah’s mercy is nonetheless welcomed by the umma in every corner of the world, and Muslim praise the Lord for giving them yet another opportunity to get closer to The Creator.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) has said: “Rajab is a great month of Allah, unmatched by any other month in the respect and significance (accorded to it); war with the infidels during this month is prohibited; Verily, Rajab is Allah’s month, Sha’aban my month and Ramadan the month of my Ummah; whosoever fasts a day in the month of Rajab will be granted the great reward of Ridwan (an angel in heaven); the wrath of Allah shall be distanced and a door of the Hell shall be closed.”

It is highly recommended to fast in the month of Rajab for atleast one day, it not only prepares one for the hardship of coming months but also carries great reward, blessings and Allah’s favours. As per one of the hadith of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) those who fasts for one most recommended night and pray for one most recommended night of the Rajab will be rewarded as the person who prays and fasts for 100years, that night being 27th Rajab.

Rajab derives its name from the river of heaven that tastes sweeter than honey and is whiter that milk and Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was kind enough to bestow the man who fasts in Rajab to be blessed with the drink from that river, ohh how lucky that person be.

This is the month to cleanse the sins and seek all kind of mercy and forgiveness from the one who is most Merciful and Beneficent. It is highly recommended to pray more hymns during this month, be peaceful with others and continue to pray for one’s BAKHSISH for all the major and minor sins. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) has strictly prohibited following the leads of any war fighting or blood shedding in this month so it brings peace, harmony and a message of love for everyone.

So, every Muslim should congratulate each other upon arrival of this month and should celebrate the whole 30days era with the spring of worship and adulation as this is rightly the FESTIVAL of GOD’S FRIENDS.

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