Teaching Quran.com is a member of The Quran School group of educational websites. Although the team which founded The Quran School had been teaching Quran to children and adults for many decades, the online presence of The Quran School formally came into being in 2009 when the director of the institution, Hafiz Zia-ur-Rahman Anas, was requested by a gentleman in the United Kingdom to teach Quran to his children via the internet. This modest beginning soon flowered into a full-fledged The Quran school when other families also requested Hafiz Anas to teach Quran to their children. Soon there were so many families seekingonline Quran education for their children, as well as for themselves, that Hafiz Anas had to hire additional tutors to meet the growing demand. The increasing technical as well as other aspects of the work required an online presence and the first website was thus launched in June 2009.

This website served its purpose well as a central hub for The Quran School for a year and a half, but by this time traffic to the site had far exceeded expectations and an urgent need for an additional site was felt by the team. Thus history has repeated itself, and Alhamdulillah, The Quran School now has hundreds of students on its register.

The objective of The Quran School has always been to spread the knowledge of Quran and Islam throughout the world for whosoever seeks it. Our objective is to make learning Quran as easy as possible for Muslims, young and old, throughout the world, especially in countries where access to a The Quran school and Qualified Quran Tutors is hard to come by. We pray to Allaah Almighty to accept our efforts in this regards.

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